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Reference Resources ED Nursing (Texas and Northern California)

This page consists of reference resources for non-ED Nursing caregivers working at Texas and Northern California ministries.

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         If needed, you may print the reference material using your web browser print button.

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         For resource content or attestation questions, contact your local Clinical Informatics Department.

         For website issues, contact websupport@sedonalearning.com.


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1.    Log On To MEDITECH

2.    ED RN Main Menu


ED Tracker

3.    Tracker and Tracker Indicators

4.    Status Events

5.    Triage Summary Report - Printing

6.    Chief Complaint

7.    Sign Up and the My List Tracker



8.    EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Panels

9.    Historical Patient Data

10. Viewing Scanned Documents


ED Home Medication Documentation

11. Overview

12. External Home Medication History

13. NO Home Meds or Unable to Obtain

14. Add/Review Preferred Pharmacy and Favorite Pharmacies

15. Adding Home Meds with a Known Name and Dose

16. Adding Home Meds with an Unknown Name or Dose (Undefined Med)

17. Updating (Replacing) an UNDEFINED Home Med

18. Updating Home Med Route, Frequency, or Reason

19. Confirm Home Meds from a Previous Visit

20. Discontinue vs Canceling a Home Medication


ED Order Entry

21. Acknowledging Orders from the Tracker

22. Ordering Provider and Order Sources

23. Non-Medication Orders

24. Add on Lab Test Order

25. Lab Orders (Once, Series & Timed)

26. Medication Orders

27. Order Sets

28. IV Fluids Orders


ED Documentation

29. Add an Intervention

30. Calls

31. ED Cares Assessment and ED Universal Protocol

32. Documenting Interventions

33. Insert Occurrences

34. WDL and Documenting by Exception

35. Allergies

36. Notes Function

37. Patient Hand Off

38. Edit and Undo Assessment Documentation

39. HealthEPix Classifying Wound Images

40. HealthEPix Documenting Wounds and Correcting Images

41. Depart Process



42. Acknowledging Medications from the eMAR

43. Manual Barcode Entry

44. Pyxis Override Process

45. Scheduled Med Administration

46. PRN Med Assessments & Reassessments

47. Unscheduled Med Administration

48. Verified and Unverified Meds

49. Stop Time Reassessments

50. Non-Administration

51. Titratable IVs Documentation

52. Edit and Undo eMAR Documentation



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