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Learning Resources Nursing (Northern California & Texas Regions)

This page consists of learning resources for Non-ED Nursing caregivers working at SJH Texas and Northern California ministries.

Please review the following before you begin:

         The examples in these learning resources relate to an adult medical patient; however, the functionality and concepts apply to all patient populations.

         If this is your first time viewing the resources, review them in the order displayed. Many lessons are pre-requisites for subsequent lessons.

         Students should only use functionality that is within their scopes of practice regardless of what is reviewed in a training lesson.

         Resource formats vary. Most are interactive lessons, some are demonstrations, and a few are PDFs.

         Lessons and other resources will display in a new browser tab or window. After viewing a resource, close the resource browser tab or window to return to the menu.

         A small number of the training resources include audio. These will display the word AUDIO after the name and will require that you use speakers or headphones.

         Be patient! Some lessons may take up to 5 minutes to load for viewing.

         For resource content or attestation questions, contact your local Clinical Informatics Department.

         For website issues, contact websupport@sedonalearning.com.


Understanding the basics of our systems is critical for patient safety! Thank you for taking the time to review these resources.


Important Note Regarding Your Web Browser: The resources on this page are designed to work with all HTML5 compatible web browsers, such as Chrome and Safari. You may use other browsers; however, you may experience compatibility and performance issues. If Internet Explorer is your default web browser, and you wish to use Chrome, you may copy the URL web address for this page and paste it into Chrome.



Attestation: Before beginning your lessons, please review and print the Attestation Form appropriate to your specialty. The Attestation Form will indicate which lessons you need to review. Once you complete your training, sign the form and submit it to the appropriate agency, organizational representative or instructor. Click here to find and open the form for printing.



1.    Accessing MEDITECH and the Patient Status Board



2.    Documenting Allergies



3.    Documenting Home Medications

4.    Documenting External Medication History with Dr. First




5.    Introduction to the Intervention Worklist, Setting Up a Patient Record

6.    Introduction to Documenting Care

7.    Edit/Undo, Changing the Intervention Status, Managing Occurrences

8.    Documenting Blood Transfusions (AUDIO)

9.    Documenting Vitals from the Hemodynamic Monitor (AUDIO)

10. Documenting Specimen Collection Using Mobilab (Texas Region Only, AUDIO)


Care Plan Documentation

11. Choosing & Initiating a Care Plan, Documenting on a Care Plan (AUDIO)

12. Restraint Documentation, VAP Interventions, Changing the Admit Care Plan (AUDIO)



13. Introduction to the Electronic Medication Administration Record

14. Medication and IV Administration

15. Non-Administration, Edit/Undo Documentation



16. Introduction to Non-Medication Order Entry

17. Introduction to Medication Order Entry



18. Documenting Discharge - Non-Hybrid

19. Documenting Discharge - Hybrid



20. HealthE*Pix Image Classification

21. Navigating the EMR

22. Viewing Care Plan Documentation in the EMR and Iatrics Flow Sheet (AUDIO)

23. Co-Signing Student Documentation



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