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Reference Resources – Nursing (Northern California & Texas Regions)

This page consists of reference resources for Non-ED Nursing caregivers working at SJH Texas and Northern California ministries.

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1.    Logging into MEDITECH

2.    Main Menu Navigation




3.    EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Panels

4.    Historical Patient Data

5.    Viewing Scanned Documents



6.    Adding and Deleting Patients from My List

7.    Acknowledge Orders for the Status Board

8.    Care Area Specimen Collection and Printing Labels

9.    Sending Pharmacy a Message



10. EKG Viewing (Humboldt)



11. Advance Directives

12. Acuity Projection

13. Adding the Admission SET

14. Allergies

15. Back Timing Documentation

16. Code Medication Documentation

17. Completing the Standard of Care

18. Critical Value Reporting & Shift Event Interventions

19. Documenting an Assessment/Documenting an Assessment - Recall Values

20. Document by Exception

21. Edit and Undo Documentation

22. Document Spreadsheet

23. Spreadsheet Documentation – Insert a Time Column

24. Family Medical History

25. Fenton Growth Charts for Preterm Babies

26. Pediatric Weight Conversion Charts

27. Hemodynamic Monitor Data

28. Insert Occurrences

29. Insulin Pump – Self-Administer

30. Intervention Statuses

31. Interventions Worklist

32. Notes Function

33. Patient Instructions (Krames)

34. Restraints

35. Shift Handoff or Level of Care Change Handoff

36. Ticket to Ride (Patient Transport Handoff)

37. TAR – Inpatient Transfusion Administration Record

38. Vaccine Assessment Process Overview

39. Wound Clinician & Bedside RN Documentation

40. HealthEPix – Classifying Wound Images

41. HealthEPix – Documenting Wounds and Correcting Images



42. Adding a Care Plan

43. Care Plan Definitions

44. EMR – Locating Care Plan Documentation

45. Adding Additional Problems – Adult

46. Changing the Admit Care Plan

47. Choosing a Care Plan

48. Iatrics Visual Flowsheet: Locating Care Plan Documentation

49. Plan of Care Overview



50. Overview

51. External Home Medication History

52. No Home Meds or Unable to Obtain

53. Add/Review Preferred Pharmacy and Favorite Pharmacies

54. Adding Home Meds with a Known Name and Dose

55. Adding Home Meds with an Unknown Name and Dose (Undefined Med)

56. Discontinuing vs Cancelling a Home Medication

57. Updating (Replacing) an Undefined Home Medication

58. Updating Home Med Route, Frequency, or Reason

59. Confirm Home Meds from a Previous Visit



60. Ordering Provider and Order Source

61. Lab Orders (Once, Series & Timed)/Lab Orders – Specimen Collection Fields

62. Lab Orders – “Add On” Lab Test

63. Med Order – Scheduled

64. Med Order – Total Dose

65. Med Orders – Non-Formulary Meds

66. IV Fluid Orders

67. Order Sets

68. Rhogam Ordering Process for Postpartum

69. Blood Transfusion Ordering

70. Diet Orders – Complex



71. Verified & Unverified Meds

72. Acknowledging Medications

73. Pyxis Override Process

74. Manual Barcode Entry

75. Scheduled Med Administration

76. Non-Administration Documentation

77. PCA Administration

78. PRN Med Assessments & Reassessments

79. Unscheduled Med Administration

80. IV Stop Time Reassessments for OBS patients

81. Titratable IV Documentation

82. Edit / Undo Documentation



83. Discharge Process



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